Digging My Geekdom Grave

To further Dig my Geekdom Grave I have decided to deicate this whole entire post to Doctor Who , Lord of the rings and Merlin .

love mer


Doctor who funny 1NIckdocMerlin 1lotr lotr2mean


Good News , Bad News And a cute Puppy

Who gets the award for the worst blogger ever ? Tabi Leigh ! Just kidding I feel like I deserve it though because I have left y’all hanging for a week . Wowzers has it really been that long ? So much has happened that I have decided to list it in good and bad  :

Good :

  •  Made Varsity!
  • Got my first letter from my pen pal!
  • Saw my brother for the first time in two very long years .
  • watched the first season of the very first doctor who series .
  • Got the new Mumford and Sons cd!
  • Went to a sleepover!
  • watched anime with my friend!
  • We got snow….And then it melted !(I am not very much of snow person so the melting after a hour really made me happy )



  • Got a cold . boooooo
  • Fell of my roller blades so now I have a gnarly bruise on my bum .Dude that really hurt
  • Found out that I really  am allergic to cats. ( see I thought I was allergic but when I spent the night at my friend’s house it really confirmed it )

All in all this past week has not been that bad at all besides a few minor injuries.

Enjoy this picture of my puppy playing in the snow.

2010-2012 129 2010-2012 130

AWWWWW!!! Sorry but his cuteness never gets old .


Forever yours , Tabi Leigh

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines you lovely people you . Being the nerd I am I decide to forego the normal store-bought fill-in-your-name-here valentines cards and create my own . And since I am also a Whovian I made them Doctor who style .I saw some printable Doctor WHo Valentines but our printer is broken and so what do I do ? I recreate them :


The Tardis Valentine says will you be my companion on the back ❤ I just love them !


And this one is for my brother he loves Weeping angels :

What have y’all been doing for valentines day ?
Love it or hate it ?

Have A VERY FAT tuesday !

Happy Fat Tuesday people of the world-wide web ! Today is the day we all loosen our belts and pig out . Most people celebrate Fat Tuesday even if they aren’t catholic because who wouldn’t miss a chance to party? I usually never celebrate Fat Tuesday but hey there is a first time for every thing right ? So I wanted to make sure I celebrated properly . When you want to learn something new the first thing you do is google it ( can I get a witness) .The Funniest thing was that the first thing that came up was how ‘How to make Fat Tuesday healthier ‘  y’all the name itself says FAT ! Please just for once not make everything healthy ! Anyway without Further ado Top 5 ways to celebrate Fat Tuesday :

1. Dance on the street – Yes my dear neighbor i did just boogie in the middle of the road:)

2.Make King cake – I will be making this cake after lunch and hopefully it will be delicious !King cake

3. Make a Mardi Graz Mask – This was a total fail here is how I wanted it to look:

mardi Instead of looking really cool it ended up looking like a demented Barney :

4 .Eat jambalaya – This was the easiest it was so super yummy and I love seafood !

5. Shout ” Let the good times roll” or in French, “Laissez les bon temps rouler!” – I hope y’all all have a great Fat Tuesday!

Hello My Pretty.

Hello dear people of the internet my name is Tabi and this is my little corner the world , this is the place where I am full blown Tabi and I do not hold back . If you have a problem with what I just said than you may click the exit button. For those of you who stayed I am so pleased theat you are here and are intrested in my life 🙂 here are some facts about me that you do not know :
-I share a birthday with Cody SImpson

-I play the cello

-I run track

-I am a freshman in high school

-I am homeschooled

-I have 6 sisters and 1 brother

And there is much more but alas my fingers are growing weak (JK but if I tell you everything than you won’t come back 😉

Tabi Leigh