Hello My Pretty.

Hello dear people of the internet my name is Tabi and this is my little corner the world , this is the place where I am full blown Tabi and I do not hold back . If you have a problem with what I just said than you may click the exit button. For those of you who stayed I am so pleased theat you are here and are intrested in my life 🙂 here are some facts about me that you do not know :
-I share a birthday with Cody SImpson

-I play the cello

-I run track

-I am a freshman in high school

-I am homeschooled

-I have 6 sisters and 1 brother

And there is much more but alas my fingers are growing weak (JK but if I tell you everything than you won’t come back 😉

Tabi Leigh


What they have to say

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