Have A VERY FAT tuesday !

Happy Fat Tuesday people of the world-wide web ! Today is the day we all loosen our belts and pig out . Most people celebrate Fat Tuesday even if they aren’t catholic because who wouldn’t miss a chance to party? I usually never celebrate Fat Tuesday but hey there is a first time for every thing right ? So I wanted to make sure I celebrated properly . When you want to learn something new the first thing you do is google it ( can I get a witness) .The Funniest thing was that the first thing that came up was how ‘How to make Fat Tuesday healthier ‘  y’all the name itself says FAT ! Please just for once not make everything healthy ! Anyway without Further ado Top 5 ways to celebrate Fat Tuesday :

1. Dance on the street – Yes my dear neighbor i did just boogie in the middle of the road:)

2.Make King cake – I will be making this cake after lunch and hopefully it will be delicious !King cake

3. Make a Mardi Graz Mask – This was a total fail here is how I wanted it to look:

mardi Instead of looking really cool it ended up looking like a demented Barney :

4 .Eat jambalaya – This was the easiest it was so super yummy and I love seafood !

5. Shout ” Let the good times roll” or in French, “Laissez les bon temps rouler!” – I hope y’all all have a great Fat Tuesday!


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