The Super AWESOME ABC’s of Tabi Leigh!!

This page is a work in progress . Please enjoy this picture of me acting like a ninja in footsie pajamas while I try to come up with something witty and intelligent to say .



Ok so I am a list maker I seriously have a book of list .I make everything into list . SO here is the ABC’s of Tabi Leigh :

Alice in Wonderland is my most favorites book .
Biscuits I make the best Biscuits on this side of the South .
Cats I am sadly allergic.
Dentist I want to become a dental missionary and teach people in poor countries about oral hygiene .
Exciting I am an exciting person.
F what I try not to in school.
Girl why yes I am a girl
Head and the Heart is one of my favorite bands .
indecisive I have a hard time deciding things like is Dubstep or Folk my favorite Genre ?
Joking I am always joking.
Krispy Kreme I belive in refueling with krispy kreme.
Laughing I love to laugh !HAHAHAHA! Loud and long and clear!
Music is my soul I think in song and sleep in rhythm
Never say can’t . Unlike Justin Bieber I believe that you should never say can’t . CAn’t is an excuse. do not make excuses.
Open sesame opens elevator doors.
Procrastinate I tend to always wait until the last-minute to do something.
Quoting I am constinteddly quoting movies and tv shows .
Roller blading Is something that i stink at but refuse to quit doing !
Skrillex is the best
Track is my sport I love to race.
Umbrellas are my favorite accessory
Varsity is wha I strive for .
Win i love to win .
X is the letter that i like to say really fast so it sound like I can beat box .
Young is what I am
Zoolander ‘I think I have black lung’.


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